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Your Partner In Time

Contact Rich Helm

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How many different people must you talk to in order to take care of your facility’s needs? How much time do you waste trying to reach the right person or hope you get a call back? Since when did a vendor try and make your life easier?

We get it, that is why when you need your equipment serviced, tires pressed, loading docks sealed, scissor lifts inspected, anything and everything that needs to keep your facility moving you just need to remember one man: Rich Helm.

Rich is invested in you and everything you need. If you have a problem you need solved: Call Rich. Anytime, day or night, on the weekends, even Christmas Day (we’re serious, try it, he never turns his phone off).

We think you deserve more than needing to manage 5 separate account reps. You deserve a dedicated partner to help you grow your business. Count on Rich, every time!

Forklift Tire Pressing

Hyundai Forklift

HyundaiWith impressive design, construction and standard features Hyundai’s range of electric, gas, and diesel forklifts deliver unrivaled capability, comfort, and value.

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BYD Forklift

Modern is the exclusive dealer for BYD Forklifts across the Mid-Atlantic.

In short, there is simply nothing on the market which compares to lift trucks from BYD. At the core of this remarkable design is a revolutionary power source. Every BYD Forklift utilizes an iron phosphate battery, the same technology as what is powering your cell phone and laptop right now.

What Does a BYD Forklift Deliver?

  • Dramatically Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • 100% Waterless Battery
  • Hours of Additional Operation on Single Charge
  • Fully Recharged In 90 Minutes
  • Dramatically Improved Battery Safety:
    • No Heating
    • No Venting
    • No Corrosion