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Forklift Rentals

Why Rent From Modern?

    We stock all forklift classes from electric, propane, and high capacity diesel for your immediate rentals needs. Our forklift rental department is there for you to determine the exact forklift for your needs, coordinate delivery, and make sure your business is taken care of. We serve other areas such as Allentown, Philadelphia, Trenton, Scranton, Lancaster, New York, Harrisburg and Dover.
    • Forklift RentalGreat Unit Availability – We can offer far more flexible delivery options and rental periods.
    • The Right Truck For The Right Job – You won’t be overpaying for an overbuilt truck simply because it was the only one available.
    • Reduced Downtime At Your Facility – During scheduled or emergency repairs our Rental and Service Departments can work together to provide you with trucks on rent to cover your shifts while your machines are in the shop.
    • One Team To Trust – Our rental department will keep it simple. From selecting the truck, arranging delivery, to on going support we are there to make sure you’re up and running to serve your customers.
    Forklift Rentals